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Go to Hell and Turn Left

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A deaf painter named Oif Schmilblitz struggles with alcohol and the death of his wife Emily. When he sneaks his way to a private reception to play spy for his agent, he spots a guest who bears a striking resemblance with the late Emily. As he tries to find out who she is, he gets caught in a whirlwind of misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and marital intrigue - all to the tune of minimal dialogue and an endless stream of gags.



Carlo Caldana made his first film, Is It Heaven yet? in 1984 under the name Carl Caldana. The film premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival and was distributed around the world to receive unanimous praise for its imaginative and unconventional brand of comedy. Is It Heaven Yet? was one of the first American independent films to have a successful run in Japan where it played for 13 consecutive weeks in Tokyo.


Go to Hell and Turn Left is Carlo's fourth feature film. His previous film, Smile Again, Jenny Lee, was adapted from his critically-acclaimed novel of the same name. The film received several awards for best film and best actress (Monique Hafen).

Carlo studied acting through the Stanislavky Method of Physical Actions. He has performed both in film and on stage. He received a Best Actor award at the San Remo International Film Festival.

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